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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, July 17, 2006

Australia - tempers get frayed

Fluoride war gets nasty17.07.2006
BRENDAN White can’t say for sure that the woman who urinated on the doorstep of his Lismore dental surgery was protesting against .
But after having his house rocked, his garbage bins upended and his wife subjected to an abusive phone call all in the space of a fortnight, he has his suspicions.
Dr White’s claims come amid growing unease at the intensity of the debate over fluoride, with claims from both sides that some people are taking things too far.
As Lismore City Council last week again voted on the fluoride issue, Councillor Peter Graham revealed his wife had been abused by an anonymous caller for his support of fluoride, and Councillor David Tomlinson said he had been upset when another anti-flouride campaigner called him a criminal.


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