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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Better off or wiser?

POOR kids are more than twice as likely to have unhealthy teeth as those from richer parts of Scotland. About two out of three youngsters from deprived areas have signs of decay. This compares with 30 per cent in better-off places.
The figures were revealed in the National Dental Inspections Programme 2005 which examined more than 10,000 Scots primary seven pupils. Dr Andrew Lamb, the British Dental Association's director for Scotland, said: "It's down to people eating the wrong type of foods."
He called for fluoride to be added to drinking water.

I don't think it is being better off that gives better teeth it is being more intelligent and better educated. If wisdom comes too late for yourself it makes sure your children have good teeth. Adults with rotten teeth and their children go on to get dental decay are stupid.


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