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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bit biased - in our favour though..

Fluoride-free & fresh taste
For decades, we've been told by personal hygiene companies that fluoride in our toothpaste gives us cavity-free mouths.
But, ironically, recent studies by U.S. government health advisory boards link fluoride with the development of fluorosis, or tooth decay.
Fluoride is found, among other places, in drinking water, processed food, air pollution and toothpaste.
Companies like Germany's oldest dental product manufacturer, Silca, are targeting the growing niche of health-conscious consumers.
They've developed Silca Herbal Toothpaste, 100 mL (Price: $4), a 100% fluoride-free toothpaste to address customers' growing concern over low-level exposure to fluoride.


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