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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Scotland - Bottled water gives the brush-off to tooth decay

Indeed the findings may weaken calls for fluoride to be added to Scotland's water supplies as they suggest that tap water is already helping to protect the public's dental health without the additive. Although dentists claim adding fluoride to water is the best way of improving the nation's dental health record, the move has met opposition due to health fears and the concept of "mass medication". Chadwick said: "While you would not expect water to cause erosion of teeth, it is surprising that it should actually reduce erosion. "Although our study looked at fizzy mineral water, there is no reason why the same effect would not be seen in still mineral water. "In relation to tap water, I would certainly advocate that in order to prevent erosion people simply drink more tap water throughout the day rather than potentially erosive drinks."


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