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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, July 28, 2006

USA - We know, it is sugar not lack of fluoride

Recent immigrants make up another significant segment of the dental caseload at both the Community Health Center and Vermont Dental Care. Dr. Risko says he treats many Somali Bantus, often with the assistance of an interpreter of Mai Mai -- one of the 10 languages spoken by staff members or translators whom CHC can call upon. "The Somalis are very appreciative and also very stoic," Risko says. "We're all babies by comparison. Dentistry is nothing compared to what they've been through." Interestingly, the Somalis generally require less remedial care than do native-born Americans, Risko adds. "They don't have diets high in sugar, so their decay rate isn't as high as a typical American's."


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