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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vitamins are fortified with fluoride - Are they?

Explore vitamin options By JODIE LYNN
Question: My 2-year-old nephew almost choked to death on a new vitamin because they are "gummy" and hard to chew. My sister says it's important for a child his age to have a vitamin once a day, especially since he is such a picky eater. Is it really necessary for a 2-year-old to take a daily vitamin? Couldn't he just get what he needs from his meals — even if he is a picky eater? What can they do to get him to not be so picky?
Since the "picky eater" in all likelihood doesn't have a wide assortment of food, a multivitamin every day is necessary. Not only will it help to replace essential vitamins that may be missing from his diet, they are often fortified with fluoride, which has been proven to help reduce cavities. Food can be made more appealing to the child as well. Both of my children were "dippers." They would eat almost anything as long as a dipping sauce was provided. I would also use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into cute or cool shapes.
— Cathy Eng registered dental hygienist Wappingers Falls


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